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Our Uniform Shop

The school community (parents, students and staff) have agreed that Mackellar girls wear a school uniform.


The school community believes that the wearing of a uniform reflects the individual's commitment to the school.


The girls are expected to be in FULL school or FULL sport uniform at all times.


Our Uniform


All skirts and dresses must be worn so they are no shorter than just above the knee. No makeup, nail polish, extreme hair colour and styles or jewellery is allowed (other than sleeper earrings, plain metal ring or plain discreet metal necklace). Plain red, white or navy scarves, available from the uniform shop, may be worn in cooler weather.

All students must wear black hard leather lace-up shoes. Occupational Health and Safety regulations require students to wear black hard leather school shoes in practical subjects where materials such as chemicals, boiling water, hot oils, hot melted wax, sharp implements, electrical tools, etc. are used. Students not wearing black hard leather lace-up shoes may be excluded from these classes.

If for any reason your daughter cannot come to school in full uniform she should bring a note from home stating the reason for her being out of uniform. If she does not have a note a uniform infringement will be recorded and a detention may be issued.

All Mackellar uniform items, with the exception of shoes, are available exclusively through the school's Uniform Shop located in A block, next to the school office. A Mackellar Girls back pack (pdf 3512 KB)(school bag) is now also available.


Uniform Shop


Opening hours - May - July 2024(pdf) 

Price List and Order Form - Updated May 2023(pdf)

The Uniform Shop opens extra hours  (including weekends) at the beginning of the year, at the change over from summer to winter  uniform, and at the end of the year. Any changes to opening times will be notified in the school newsletter.

We are pleased to inform you that our Uniform Shop is now online and can accept orders and payment. 

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