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P&C Term 1 Meeting Minutes - 1st March 2023

  1. Welcome: Christina Franze

  2. Attendance & Apologies: Heather Cardin – Erica Griffiths, Julie Snodgrass, Sabina

  3. Principal’s report: Christine Del Gallo

    1. HSC results

      1. 5th non-selective school in the state

      2. 1st for comprehensive school on the beaches

      3. Great work from our teachers

    2. NAPLAN results

      1. Media calls – interest in sharing story on school’s growth (year 7 vs. 9). Mackellar’s growth was at the top of the state

      2. P&C donation to purchase resources – copies shared in the meeting, please find soft copy attached

    3. Jane Secrett is leading a new well-being program around resilience called Resilience In Our Teenagers (RIOT). The goal is to help all involved manage student anxiety better.

      1. Evidenced based approach by Dr. Michael Houghton – involves students, parents and teachers

        1. Year 7 starts early term 2

        2. Years 8-12 will have RIOT integrated into WAM programs

        3. Parent program will be in the next newsletter (50 free vouchers)

    4. WAM – Well-being at Mackellar – goal is to build resilience, positivity, and help the students have a great time at school

      1. 1st/3rd reports includes updates on WAM; access well-being at Mackellar website, including help for parents & students. Reach out to head teacher welfare via front office email address

  4. President’s update: Christina Franze

    1. Sub-committees:

      1. Uniform – representatives from each year group (parents and students) and teachers, executive teachers, uniform shop managers and P&C executive. Consider uniform items and policy as part of the groups remit

      2. Fundraising – trivia, comedy and ways to raise funds for items required

      3. Email and/or with interest

  5. Treasurer update – Parvin Walia

    1. Q1 P&L for October to December 2022 is now available – please see attached report

    2. Q2

      1. Review of staff pay – amendments have been done/will go through on next pay cycle

      2. P&C donation of $100,000 will go to the school week commencing 27th February

    3. Implemented NSW school vouchers as of last week in January, 2023

      1. Vouchers can be used until the end of June, 2023

  6. Canteen update – Kylie Murphy

    1. Good start to the year – sales have been strong

    2. New sushi supplier – Sushi & Coffee

    3. New dishwasher has arrived

    4. Volunteers – 24 on the roster – help needed on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

    5. Canteen report – we have an obligation to complete and the canteen is working on it

  7. Uniform Shop update -

    1. NSW vouchers cannot be used online – please send students in with copy/code number. Valid through end of June, so can be used for winter uniforms

    2. Email to year 7 parents with hours to come in for a fitting and purchase during school holidays

  8. AOB


P&C grants February 2023
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