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P&C Meeting - 30th May, 2024

  1. Welcome: Christina Franze

  2. Acknowledgement to country

  3. Attendance & Apologies: Christina Franze

    1. Loucine Vartikian, Jake Krausmann, Julie Snodgrass, Annette Ryan, Leigh McPherson - apologies

  4. Principal’s report: Heidi Warne

  5. General Update

    1. Athletics Carnival, Music Night, and Parent Teacher evening – were all very successful.

    2. Year 7 have had their camp; Year 8 have had a sleep over; Year 10 – subject selection; Year 12 – university visits. Year 7,8,9 have done Elevate. Trivia Night coming up. School Musical week 9, Term 2. Prefect interviews on Monday 3rd June. 

    3. Financials: fixing things around school has to be linked to safety and security of staff and students. 

    4. Heidi Warne is taking leave in Term 3. 

    5. Year 12 parent night is held in early Term 4. 

  6. President’s update: Christina Franze

    1. School Funding: Mackellar and Manly Selective – high % of parents pay the school fees, relative to other schools. 

  7. P&C members payment - Annual membership fee $2

    1. Bring $2 to P&C Meetings or  Deposit directly: 032-096 / 417666 (Ref: name)

P&C role recruitment

  1. Recruitment for next year’s P&C Executive Committee needs to be advertised to the new parents. 

  2. Volunteering - online through Signup update

    1. This is working well. 

  3. Fundraising 

Treasurer update: Parvin Walia

  1. Financials for Q2 (Jan-Mar24)

    1. Financials for Q2– available for viewing (refer attachments)

  2. MYOB upgrade

    1. Accounting system is old. Proposing to move to online. Provides visibility on monthly basis, to canteen and uniform managers. 

    2. Motion: To support the upgrade of P&C accounting system, and increased subscription costs as a result, including one upfront payment of $2000 plus GST. 

Motion: Doug Price/Second: Christina Franze 

  1. Canteen update: Christina Franze/Loucine Vartikian

  2. Price changes

  3. Supplier reviews welcomed. 

  4. Uniform Shop update: Christina Franze

  5. General Update

  6. Team is reviewing the pricing. 

  7. Fundraiser Trivia Night (Event Date: 14th June): Meg Garrido Anticipating an overall profit of $20k.  

  8. Update on progress

  9. Ticket Sales: 200 seats sold within 24hrs. Added extra 4 tables. Only 9 individual seats remaining. Total raised: $11k 

  10. Raffle: 2 raffles (grand raffle and hamper raffle). Total raised: $7k

  11. Auction: 73 silent auction items, with more being added as we go. 

  12. There will also be games on the night (gold coin contribution). 

  13. Sponsorship was secured from Cunnighams Real estate.  


  1. Movie night working party to be formed. Date to be nominated.  N.B. Prior to the P&C meeting, an email was sent out to all the paying members of the P&C to pass the special motion on use of P&C funds. 

    1. Motion:

      1. The Fundraising Working Group has requested a total of $2,750 to be made available for the payment of any upfront costs relating to the Trivia Fundraiser Event, to be held at the Mackellar Girls High School Hall on 14th June 2024. The estimated upfront costs of $2,750, will cover the $1,000 payment for the e-Bike (which constitutes the manufacturing cost of the e-Bike), table hire, table decorations, Trivia Host, and other incidental expenses. The Trivia Fundraising Event is estimated to raise $20,000 for the P&C Association. The first $2,750 of the money raised will be used to repay the P&C general fund.

      2. Motion: Mina Hornby/Second: Meg Garrido  Email was sent to: Jake Krausmann, Jess Kirkham, Meg Garrido, Christina Franze, Parvin Walia, Julie Snodgrass.  All those emailed, replied with a vote ‘in favour’ of the motion being passed. 


31.03.2024 P&C Balance Sheet
Download PDF • 267KB

31.03.2024 P&C Profit & Loss [With Year to Date]
Download PDF • 272KB

31.03.2024 Canteen Balance Sheet
Download PDF • 269KB

31.03.2024 Canteen Profit & Loss [With Year to Date]
Download PDF • 273KB

Download PDF • 500KB

31.3.2024 Uniform Balance Sheet
Download PDF • 266KB

31.03.2024 Uniform Profit & Loss Statement YTD
Download PDF • 272KB

Reporting requirements are changing for NFPs
Download PDF • 852KB


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