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MEETING MINUTES 4th November 2020


  1. Welcome: Sally Gee

  2. Apologies and Attendance: Heather Cardin – please reference attendance list

  3. Principals report: Cassandra Morrison

    1. Yearly exams for year 10 finished last week of October; currently doing their cross curriculum project as well as doing electives and maths lessons.

    2. Yearly exams for years 7 & 8 = week of 2nd November; literacy days underway.

    3. Yearly exams for year 9 week of 9th November.

    4. Year 12th graduation is 12th November - holding it in both the performance space and the hall. And we're setting it up so that each student has two guests and will be live streamed.

    5. Some bands have been recorded - the kids get to perform/parents get to view.

  4. Uniform Shop: Leigh and Kate

    1. Update on booking system for new year 7s – very successful, no stress/lines

      1. All year seven 2021 girls made appointments. Open six days during the last school holidays, including two Saturdays.

    2. Update on uniform orders in shop/online

      1. The bank balance as 4th November = $91,160.

      2. October sales for this year were $43,433 as opposed to $5,000 last year.

      3. Last year = $134,707. This year = $198,740. Up 47.5% YTD.

    3. Be part of the community!

      1. Request for volunteers to be included in the year 7 pack/newsletter.

    4. End of year gift for volunteers = $15 per volunteer, whether it be a bottle of wine or a small box of chocolates and/or hand cream.

  5. Financial Report: Matt Brennan

    1. End of year activities update - overall, in good solid financial shape.

      1. Audit begins.

      2. Increased bank balance throughout the year of by $100,000.

      3. Donated $120,000 to the school as at the end of the financial year.

      4. Bank balance of $180,000 going forward.

      5. $50,000 down in sales at the canteen. But we managed to achieve a similar surplus around about $40,000 last year.

      6. We received around about $101,000 between the uniform shop and the canteen in the government job keeper. And wages increased ~ $46,000 through job keeper.

    2. School money update ~$120,000

      1. $120,000 that was donated went towards the wish list supplied by Christine Del Gallo. If anyone wants to see it please ask the P&C. It was spent across the board such as social sciences, math, english, new audio for the Performance space.

  6. Canteen: Suzi Lemlin

    1. Flexischools Online Ordering update

      1. Positive - seeing increasing numbers of orders for lunches.

      2. Trend of less sales at recess and more sales at lunchtime.

      3. Two thirds cash to a third flexischools in terms of the split.

      4. Over Christmas discuss implementing a cashless system.

      5. School ID card - can load money on to the ID card and link to Flexischools account.

      6. Could be 3 options - Flexischools, bank card and school ID.

    2. New equipment update - microwaves, warmer

      1. Working very well; 1 microwave on back order.

      2. Staff feel listened to, which is a good thing.

    3. Struggling for volunteers – note to go our in year 7 pack and newsletter

    4. End of year dinner

      1. Self-funded by canteen ladies – no monies from P&C.

      2. Leaving gift for Katrina confirmed = $150, given at dinner on behalf of P&C.

      3. End of year gift for volunteers = $15 per volunteer, whether it be a bottle of wine or a small box of chocolates and/or hand cream.

    5. Canteen staff asked for wage increase – to be discussed: Sally, Matt, Suzy and Annette prior to AGM

      1. Ensure root cause is identified and staff/volunteers have manageable workloads.

  7. PAG Meeting update (includes Environment Committee Grant Update) – meeting did not happen, additional updates below:

    1. Clever climate app grant - Janelle to speak with Ciana Stevens re: grant of $1500 dollars this year. Janelle to speak with Clever Climate co. to see if we can start payment February at this year’s rates.

    2. James Griffin is working on a proposal to submit to Doug @ P&C prior to AGM meeting to fund the $1,500.

    3. Growing good gardens grant – submission completed, status update towards end of November. Attended the northern Regional Council meeting -department's student behaviour strategy has gone back to be reviewed.

  8. Movie Night & Trivia Night: Doug Price

    1. Deferred to 2021.

  9. AOB: None


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